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Snap goes the election: UK snap elections through history

A little while back, Theresa May called a snap election. Since then, the headlines have been busy predicting how the Conservatives will fare, outraged at how Manifesto's aren't costed, and pondering whether Boris Johnson will be allowed back into the Cabinet.

I've looked at the results of previous snap elections, to assess how previous goverments have done, and whether snap elections really were the opportunity reigning governments were hoping for.

Click the buttons below to update the chart with results before and after the snap election


Who called and won the election?

Year Party that called the election Party that won the most seats
1923 Conservative Conservative - with a reduced majority
1931 Labour Conservative - with a whopping majority
1951 Labour Conservative
1955 Conservative Conservative - increased their majority by 24 seats
1966 Labour Labour - increased their majority by 47 seats
Feb-74 Conservatives Labour
Oct-74 Labour Labour