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Don't rain on my parade: Commuting by bike in London 2016


The other evening, I was out with my parents, and the conversation moved, as it usually does when I am around, to the topic of cycling. Dad dropped a bombshell. If you cycle to work in London, you only get wet 12 times a year. A quick google shows this stat all over the net, originally coming from Transport for London, according to the Independent.

I thought about this, and it felt entirely feasible, I could probably count on one hand the number of times I got wet last year. But then again, as my girlfriend tells me, I repeat the same stories, again and again. So maybe my memory isn't all that.

To work out how wet you get when cycling, I looked into the hours of 0600-0700 and 1700-1800 on working days, and whether, during those hours specifically, it had rained.

Turns out I could count the number of times I had been rained on on one hand, but the averages for the rest of the year, I found to be higher than 12 days. Especially if you cycle to work every day.

However the numbers are still incredibly low, only 27 days if you cycled every single working day of the year in 2016, and 16 if you take the fair weather approach and only cycle in British Summer Time.


Based on the weather at St. James' Park and Heathrow Airport. The latter giving an hour by hour breakdown of the weather at the time

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