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David, the new Goliath:
Are there still fewer women leading FTSE 100 firms than men called John?

I often hear the following fact:
'Of all the CEOs of FTSE 100 companies, there are more men named John, than there are women'.

I've investigated to find out whether this is still true, and whether Johns are still top of the heap in the FTSE 100.

The below chart shows the names of all FTSE 100 CEOs. David is now the most common name for a CEO, with 6 called David, 7 if you include Dave Lewis, Tesco CEO. The orange bubbles represent women.

There are 7 women CEOs vs 93 men.

In addition, this year in March, the Equality Trust compiled a list of the remuneration of all of the CEOs in the FTSE 100. The report compared their salaries to the UK average, and UK living wage, previously known as the minimum wage.

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