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  • Hamilton: An American Data Set

  • February 2018

  • An obsession turned into a data visualisation

David, the new Goliath

June 2017

Are there still fewer women leading FTSE 100 firms than men called John?

A turnout for the books

June 2017

What factors have the greatest impact on electoral turnout?

Snap goes the election: UK snap elections through history

May 2017

Historic snap elections and their results. Are they the opportunity the incumbent hoped they'd be?

Trump after 100 days: The Trump Tower of Orders

April 2017

The time has come. President Donald Trump has been in office for 100 days. His Presidency, so far, assessed, by numbers.

Is Prison Working?

April 2017

Crime rates are at their lowest since 1990, and yet the UK Prison population has continued to rise to record levels

50 Ways to Leave EU-r Lover

March 2017

How much could the Brexit bill really be?

Don’t rain on my parade: Commuting by bike in London 2016

March 2017

How often do you get wet cycling to work in London?

UK migration: Casting an eye over the net

March 2017

Has Brexit affected the number of people that want to live and work in the UK?

What’s your money doing when you’re not looking?

February 2017

Ever wonder where you should be investing? Should you be putting your money in the safety of premium bonds, or investing in riskier stocks and shares?

Trump: ’Making the Presidency great again’

February 2017

After 14 days in office, an assessment the Trump Presidency, by numbers

The Brexit Briefing

January 2017

An assessment of the impact of Brexit on the UK economy

The cost of the 12 Days of Christmas

December 2016

If you were feeling generous, how much would it really cost?

Chill the Netflix hype

December 2016

Is the digital revolution here, or is it too early to tell?

Wages to live on?

November 2016

An assessment of earnings in the UK over the last 40 years.

The Fall of an Empire?

October 2016

UK vs. US forex rates, the decline and fall of the pound

The return of the coal powered car?

October 2016

Yes, green energy really is green

Are Southern really worse than everyone else?

September 2016

Is commuting in London really as bad as we all make out? If you are on Southern, then yes.